At the very core, Denimrush is the celebration of expression + authenticity. Denimrush translates the power of paint + art into expression + empowerment. Denimrush serves as the brand that champions colorways, creativity, and artful designs that you can wear anywhere. Beginning with a focus on custom painted vintage denimwear, Denimrush has now transitioned into hand painted and tie dye sweat sets, slip dresses, buttondown shirts, accessories and more! Be a walking piece of art.

We have a genuine love for creators of all kinds and believe every person has a unique and relatable story to share. Each Denimrush piece represents a tangible vision of that story and we aim to cultivate a community that can join together + celebrate their craft. We help translate your vision + revive your voice into unique, wearable works of art.

Embody your authenticity. Empower your inner creator.

Join the canvas revival. 



Denimrush was founded by Aparna Avasarala when she painted her own denim jacket and wore it around New York City. After receiving a lot of inquires about getting custom jackets - Denimrush was born. Aparna is a multi-faceted artist specializing in experiential retail design.  She has designed and coordinated large scale tradeshows such as Coterie, Cabana & Liberty Fairs. In 2017, Aparna was instrumental to the design of the “Future of Retail” pop up alongside Liberty Fairs at Summit LA.  She has also consulted brands on creating experiential pop-ups and brand experiences. In 2019, she was one of the founding partners in Arcadia Earth.