Blue Clouds Oversized Button Down

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Oh snap! We gave the dress shirt a modern twist and switched the buttons to a snap front. Our oversized button down with a twist is the perfect layering piece for an easy on the go look. 

This garment is hand painted and each piece is unique - please note that there can be slight irregularities in the print/color of the garment as a result of the hand made process.

Since everything is hand painted, each order has a 1-2 week fulfillment time. We will get it out to you ASAP rocky!


Model measurements / details in order - 


Height: 5'6"
Build: Slim, large bust
Shirt Size: M
Wearing button down size: Small/ Medium


Height: 6'2"
Build:  Slim
Shirt Size: M
Wearing button down size: Small/ Medium



Height: 4'11"
Build:  Petite / Slim
Shirt Size: S
Wearing button down size: Small/ Medium